ok guys let’s talk about a thing.

i, personally, genuinely believe that there’s an issue when it comes to how everyone in fandoms connects to and engages with writers within that community. the way that writers work is inherently different to how editors work in that an editor can gauge fairly easily how well the general fandom has received an edit just by the amount of notes that it gets. for fanfiction this is different, and in many cases the amount of notes that a link to a fanfic receives is kind of useless in showing people’s responses to it.

there’s a real issue because first and foremost it’s just really demoralising when you get absolutely no feedback on something that you maybe spent hours, days or weeks to make. i think people often forget the amount of effort that it takes to write something, and even though the vast majority of authors write for themselves, there’s always going to be an element at play of wanting to know how the audience found it.

the issue is that when no one is responding to things that you’re putting out there, sometimes things that you poured your heart and soul into, it just makes you totally disinterested in writing? like all writers are fully aware that what we’re writing is being read, but none of us the capacity or how it’s received because we get say 5 to 10 comments on it. and that’s great! leaving comments is great and i’m always so glad to the people that do, but i’ve only really recently started noticing that often i feel rubbish about what i have written if i don’t get comments, which is silly really because one of the favourites of what i’ve written has about two comments, so it’s stupid to put worth into the amount of comments that you get.

nonetheless, i think it’s important to remember that authors are people, and at the end of the day if the response that they get from their writing only appears to be apathy, that’s what they’ll take it as being, even if there are loads of people that are reading and enjoying the stories. all i’m saying is it’s really no surprise that more and more authors are getting disinterested and losing their love for writing, because i’ve done so myself, and i think it’s really partially to do with how we address authors and their role within the fandom. 

all i ask, as a reader and as an author, is that you show something. if it’s a tumblr post then like it or reblog it, if it’s on an external site then comment, or send them a message, it doesn’t have to be in your name if you’re shy, but honestly authors appreciate your comments so much, they want to know how you’ve interacted with the text so that they can improve and write things that you’ll enjoy too.

skipping heartbeats into tomorrow

Title: skipping heartbeats into tomorrow
Pairing: Baekhyun/Kris, side!Kai/Kyungsoo, other side pairings if you squint
Word Count: ~25,500 
Summary: A story about alcohol and a bit of that love thing. Kris found himself working as a host, but that was okay, because being near Baekhyun made it all worthwhile. Host Club!AU
Warnings: drinking, smut (porn with excessive plot), making out against a tree, mentions of smoking, mentions of a form of prostitution, brief mentions of sexual harassment, brief mentions of attempted rape, tsundere!baek, forever-pining!kris, sehun being sehun
Rating: NC-17 
Author’s Note: (Not to be confused with Ouran High School Host Club AU.) Originally posted here for thebaekfest.

( His eyes burned when he went back to watching the performance, so he did the one thing he could do. He closed his eyes. )

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red collar

Title: Red Collar
Pairing: Kris/Baekhyun
Word Count: ~1.8k
Rating: TFF (for Too Fucking Fluffy, aka G)
Summary: In which there’s pup!Baek and owner!Yifan. pupboy!au

Yifan tried to ignore the large, doleful eyes staring at him from across the room.

promises, promises {chankaisoo}

aka a “detective” au (laughs for forever and a half)
for an/@hakanaiai, who wanted a chankaisoo fic. 
warning: written in <20min. little to no editing. consider yourself warned. (rated r for mentions of sexual activities.)

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(layers of) vanilla

Title: (Layers Of) Vanilla
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Baekhyun/Jongin (aka baekaisoo)
Word Count: 3.1k
Rating: NC-17 
Genre: TMP (aka Too Much Porn), Hooker!AU
Warnings: Kyungsoo topping, Jongin bottoming - all in a Baekhyun sandwich. If you get my drift.
Summary: The rent-boy had been a birthday gift.

"We paid a lot of money to get him for you two, so you better use him properly."

fics i probably won’t ever finish {baekhan, taekai, and baekyeol}

i was going through my fic files (instead of studying - what else is new) and decided to post a few of them up and delete them from my file storage. winter break is coming up fast, which means i’ll be able to start focusing on fics i owe (like efs and baekfest), so i figured i should clear some of these files before i do something stupid like try to finish them. various pairings ahead!

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outtakes/deleted scenes for the mage life of byun baekhyun

~*~outtakes/deleted scenes~*~
for this fic (aka the mage life of byun baekhyun aka that one weird fairy tail au where baek and yeol have an awkward relationship). meaning yeah, if you haven’t read that, you probably won’t get these scenes. just saying.

note: i realized i hadn’t posted these up yet, so ye. here, take them. 
warning: 100% pure crack (i tried. f for effort, amirite or amirite)

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(drabble) love for the written word {baektao}

baekhyun bleeds ink. it drips down his cheeks like oil, slowly, and oozes from his fingertips. it flows in his veins, filling him with imagination and wonder, blocking out the cruelty of reality and softening the harshness of truth. words were his lifeblood; he breathes them, he hungers for them, he falls asleep to them. and sometimes, just sometimes, he spills them over his pillows as restless dreams of vivid words flash through his subconscious, detailed but oh. so. forgettable. 

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(drabble) you’re cute, and so is your bra {baekyeol}

girl!baekyeol; in which chanyeol is infatuated with baekhyun’s chest. 


sometimes chanyeol liked to stare at baekhyun. she liked to look at her face, decorated with heavy eyeliner and rosy pink lip gloss. she liked to look at baekhyun’s legs, and watch the way they’d part as she walked around. specifically, though, she liked to stare at baekhyun’s boobs.

baekhyun was the cutest, prettiest girl chanyeol had ever seen, and sometimes chanyeol would just stare and sigh adoringly as baekhyun passed by her table. she’d watch the way the shorter girl’s skirt would fold with the motion of walking, watch the way her shirt crinkled as her small, perfect breasts bounced lightly. and her eyes would end up glued there, glimpsing at the bubbly blue bra strap from the collar of baekhyun’s shirt, and she’d think about doing things, like pulling open baekhyun’s uniform to see what colors she was wearing today.

she couldn’t help it, she’d tell herself over and over again when her eyes would stray over to where baekhyun would be standing in the lunch line, talking and laughing with her friends. in the end though, she knew that she was in denial. because what she really wanted was to see baekhyun in only her bras (and maybe even out of them).

the end.


so i twitficc’d girl!baekyeol for avi. i’m mainly posting this here because i’m a neat freak and like keeping track of everything :-( this is not really edited; i added in one or two sentences from the tweetfic and then read the rest. then i read it again, winced, and just hit publish. :-) 

also i’m crying why the hell do i have 95 followers on this account what do you people see in these horrible drabbles let me just fling my love at you guys ty!!! 

(drabble series) pet!baekyeol series pt. ten: story

warnings: lots and lots of fluff, kaisoo as owners

note: dog!yeol and cat!baek au! for my muse of this fic, avi/chnbaek. much thanks to pim for prereading/beta’ing ;u; 

for the other drabbles, please go here


Drabble Ten: Story

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